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Sapphire 03
Contextual Multimedia Controller

Patent No.

US8650242, US10108701

Originated by

Nokia & Panasonic

US8650242 Panasonic

Title of Patent: 

Data processing apparatus and data processing method

  • The process of content data sharing can be automated while reducing an operational burden on the user

  • Data processing apparatus and the like, outputs accumulated content data (eg: still or moving images) and able to output data using social information

  • Includes an object analysis unit configured to extract the person included in the content data using the recognition dictionary

US10108701 Nokia

Title of Patent:

System and method for determining context

  • Able to determine a context of a system so that the system can be controlled, or the context information be used in the system

  • The context of a system is described with tags or words that characterise (e.g. the state of the system, the surroundings of the system and the state of the user)

  • Able to detect change in context which can be used to control the system (e.g., by changing the applications presented to the user on the user interface, or by changing the state and/or priority of applications)

Potential Areas of Applications:

  • Metadata

  • Multimodal Data

  • Social Media Service

  • Car Navigation System

  • Projector

Proposed Schemes:

Assignment basis 8% - 12% equity exchange

Schemes are subject to the business model and are open for discussion.

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