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What happens after I am shortlisted after IPHatch® Pitch Day?

You will be awarded with the patent(s) after an agreement signing and certificate issuance ceremony.

What do I get after I am awarded with the patents originated from the corporates?

Once you are awarded with the patent(s), you will be required to transfer the patent(s) to your company's ownership. Piece Future will also be working with you closely and serve as your virtual IP team for questions you have on IP and technology roadmap matters. You will get included in all workshops that we host, private advisory session on Business Model (BM) Review and enjoy our extensive network of business partners, VCs and mentors within our IPHatch® communities. 

How are the equity exchange between the start-ups and patents done?

This will be shared in our IPHatch® briefings and subjected to management changes.

What are the difference between Sapphire and Ruby portfolios? How do I choose?

This will be shared in our IPHatch® briefings and subjected to management changes.

Who are the judges for the innovation challenge?

They comprise of the patent owners, partners of IPHatch® innovation challenge and our network of VCs.

How long would it take for the patent transfer?

Subjected to individual corporate legal process, it may range from 1 month to 6 months.

I have not received the patent(s). However, I would require a proof to other investors for my valuation. Is there any way we can proceed I can show them a proof?

Do not worry, Piece Future will be able to provide you a letter of proof acknowledging the patents that you had won. In addition, once all agreements are done with patent transferred, you will be provided a certificate.

What does it mean by patent assignment and patent licensing?

A patent assignment is an agreement where one entity (the "assignor") transfers all or part of their right, title and interest in a patent or application to another entity (the "assignee"). Accordingly, patent assignment is the legal mechanism that transfers ownership from the inventor to your business. Patent licensing is part of how to patent an idea and is a revocable agreement between a patent owner and a licensee to transfer interest in a patent to a licensee, who can benefit from and enforce the intellectual property rights. For licensing, normally there is an ongoing royalty payment to the patent owner.

What is the timeline to implement the patent?

Depending on the company's technology roadmap, we would encourage you to implement it at the time that best fits the product rollout, and it may be 3 months to more than a year for some companies.

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