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Hong Kong Winner 2021/22

Smartplay Digital Ltd


Our flagship product - “SmartPlay Trainer” is an on demand interactive 3D exergaming curriculum for kids, teenagers and general households available through XR experience. The full spectrum core muscles oriented workouts are conducted by animated 3D instructors (certified Personal Trainer and Professional Athletes) in customised scenery and background music. The purposes are to improve the physical fitness and the long term health amid rising obesity rates in Greater China. It resolves the main concerns of parents “limited time”, “cost” and “children’s lack of self-conscious” to workout. Parents are happy as “SmartPlay Trainer” can motivate their children to do exercise as it has gamification warmup and interactive multi-users online PK workout. It is the ultimate guide to promote healthy fitness lifestyles starting from “childhood” (the journey to Olympic Gold Medal starts from childhood).

Adults are happy to workout too as they can change the animated instructors to their preferred superhero, scenery and music.

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