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Malaysia Winner 2022/23



ANITHINK is a vibrant Edutainment Tech Company that combines the best of education and entertainment. Their mission is simple: they want to make learning fun! They achieve this by creating captivating content, board games, and multimedia courses that cover subjects like Animation, Digital Art, Comics, Digital Music, and Creative Math.

At ANITHINK, they believe in inspiring and educating children through engaging experiences. Whether it’s our creative multimedia courses or exciting games, ANITHINK's goal is to empower young learners and spark their creativity.

Since 2017, they've been making an impact. They started with the Schools’ Creative CCA provider, which provide creative multimedia class for students in school. Then they created VMO Card Game, which made math enjoyable for kids. In 2020, they expanded their horizons by opening their headquarters in Seri Kembangan (Malaysia) and launching online classes to reach children worldwide.

Their vision is to see creativity as a fundamental subject in every Malaysian school, nurturing creative thinking and instilling good values in young minds.

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