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Using patents to bridge the best technology start-ups and the world's largest corporations.

IPHatch Cities
Image by Ruslan Bardash

Submission Deadline :

15 July 2024

Applications for IPHatch® Asia are exclusively collected through our partner, the F6S platform.

Image by Robert Bye

Submission Deadline :

15 May 2024

Applications for IPHatch® UK are exclusively collected through our partner, the F6S platform.

College Campus

Submission Deadline :

20 August 2024

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First, find a Patent

Piece Future has developed a unique programme to help

start-ups to leverage on an Open Innovation concept.


IPHatch® bridges impactful sustainable technologies from multinational corporations with best-in-class high growth tech companies, connecting entrepreneurs and emerging start-ups with access to vital resources & networks globally. We build sustainable solutions towards a greener future through the start-ups, creating economic, environmental and social impact.

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IPHatch® Sendai 2024

Patent Portfolio Explanation

Our Impact

What is IPHatch®

start-ups with
deep-tech seeds

Be part of our IPHatch® business community spanning across Asia and Europe

Get funded by our wide network of VC partners




Business Expansion

Facilitate start-ups overseas expansion by sharing on market needs, especially social issues overseas, and presenting start-ups with technologies that have potential to be used to solve social issues

Coaching from Network Mentors

Educate local start-ups through mentoring programmes to develop extensive business plans that meet overseas market needs



Exchange incubation / accelerator programmes that aims to connect global start-ups and entrepreneurs in the hub cities of the ecosystem through overseas partners like ACE, IPI and HKTDC

Technology Portfolios

Technology Portfolios

Strengthen the credibility of start-ups through technology acquisitions, licensing and collaboration with major companies internationally

Funding Opportunities

Funding Opportunities

Matching of domestic and overseas VCs through partners and workshops

Our Sectors

Our IP Originators

IP Originators
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Innovation Programme that connects tech-providers and startups

"The approach to build your business on already granted patent is the easiest way to initiate your journey to patenting"

Jari Vaario,


"Startups are not only able to acquire advanced technologies from major corporations but also able to promote its business development while eliminating lengthy arrangements"

Yoshinori Nakagawa, Panasonic

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