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Terms & Conditions 

Singapore Business Tour with Piece Future

* Open to Japan Incorporated Company Only

  1. Air Ticket and Accommodation  

    • Piece Future will only provide a return air ticket and 3-nights’ accommodation in Singapore. Winner will not be allowed to request, choose and/or book the airline, airline’s class and accommodation. ​

    • We would require your personal details (such as full name, passport number, passport expiry date) for booking of flight and accommodation. The ticket must be booked under the passenger’s name as it is precisely displayed on a government issued ID. Changing name on ticket is prohibited. Kindly provide the necessary information in a complete and accurate manner. 

    • Please check the ticket details when you receive them. If the name on the ticket does not match with passenger’s ID, the ticket will be void. 

    • Lost, stolen, or destroyed tickets must be paid for until refund is obtained from the issuing airline, subject to an airline-imposed service charge. Piece Future will not be responsible to replace a new ticket.  

  2. Airline Schedule Changes

    • ​Airlines reserve the right to cancel or change schedules without notice. Schedules shown are based on expected flying times as indicated by the airlines. Due to weather and/or other factors, it may affect operating conditions, departures and arrivals cannot be guaranteed nor are they the responsibility of Piece Future. 

  3. Insurance

    • ​Airline insurance for baggage have limited liability. Your personal insurance may not adequately cover losses incurred by cancellation, accident, illness or stolen or damaged property. We strongly urge you to purchase additional insurance offered to you. Piece Future will not be liable on any insurance required for the travel. 

  4. Passport / Travel Visa 

    • ​Travel outside of your home country may require the need for valid travel documents such as: passport, visa, re-entry permit, health certificate etc. The responsibility for the proper documentation rests with the individual passenger, not Piece Future. 

  5. Covid-related Travel 

    • ​Traveling during covid measures may require addition test such as Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) and/or Antigen Rapid Test (ART). Piece Future will not be liable on the costs of these additional tests.  

    • In the event if Stay-home Notice (SHN) and/or Quarantine Order is required by either government, Piece Future will not be liable on these additional costs. 

  6. Programme Kit  

    • ​Piece Future has the rights to lay out a reasonable programme kit for your trip based on your nature of business. Programme kit may include and not limited to meetings with potential partners/vendors, vendors’ visiting and/or site visiting.

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