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Sapphire 04

Intelligent Product Recogniser



Title of Patent:

Method for product recognition from multiple images

  • Object and/or product recognition from multiple images​

  • Includes production of plurality recognition results for a plurality of input images​

  • Multi-object recognition system configured to receive multiple images and identify multiple objects that have been indexed in a database​




Title of Patent:

Sequencing products recognised in a shelf image

  • A generating a sequence position for products recognised in an image of a retail shelf

  • An image recognition system to receive an image including a plurality of objects and detect objects in the received image

  • The image recognition system includes a raster number engine to generate a plurality of raster numbers for each detected object in the received image


Potential Areas of Applications:
  • Retails

  • Storage (e.g., Office Pantry, Home Shelves)

  • Smart Logistic Warehouse

  • Smart Logistic Factories


Proposed Schemes:

Assignment basis 8% - 12% equity exchange

* Schemes are subject to the business model and are open for discussion.

IP Originated by

Sapphire 03

Sapphire 05

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