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Ruby 03

Relaxation Regulator



Title of Patent:

Method of controlling relaxation equipment, control system for relaxation equipment, and method of creating user model​

  • Provides a method of controlling relaxation equipment for relaxing the user along with the progress of a program

  • The user model is updated by creating a new user model every time the biological values of the users are obtained in the extracting

  • Easily measure everyday the biological information of a user viewing a program in a unified environment where the user can relax


Potential Areas of Applications:
  • Massage Chairs

  • Bathtubs / Saunas / Jacuzzi

  • Neck Massage Pillows

  • Massage Guns


Proposed Schemes:

Assignment basis 5% - 10% equity exchange

* Schemes are subject to the business model and are open for discussion.

IP Originated by

Ruby 02

Ruby 04

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