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United Kingdom Winner 2022/23

Water Electronics Ltd.

Water Electronics is a company on a mission to make a big impact on saving water globally. When water travels from its source to our taps, a significant 26-33% is lost due to leaks in pipes all around the world. Finding and fixing these leaks is a challenge because many pipes are hard to access and inspect.

What sets Water Electronics apart is our revolutionary solution. We have a special patented technology that can inspect pipes without touching their walls, something current solutions can't do. This technology allows us to quickly find leaks, pinpoint their location, and check the overall health of the pipes. We go beyond just finding leaks – we can predict when pipes might fail in the future.

Recent research shows that 2.2% of the world's yearly carbon emissions come from leaking water pipes, adding a whopping 847 million tons of pollution each year. Water leaks are a costly problem globally, and with the looming threat of droughts, we're dedicated to reducing carbon emissions, improving water services, and taking a big step toward saving our planet.

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