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Hong Kong Winner 2021/22

TeenShare Limited

TeenShare is an online mentor marketplace from Hong Kong. We offer different industry specialists to youth who desire to improve their career development, changing career industry or start up a business, but does not have the related knowledge, skills set, guidance and network.

By providing one-to-one learning with industry specialists, youth will have more personalized learning experience and the ability to apply to their real-life career. For youth who is looking for a career upskill, we offer wide range of online courses covering different subjects that could enhance soft skills, digital skills, and other up-to-trend skills.

Connecting and Networking on our platform with youth who share the same career goals, background and industry will enable them to reshape personal network and stay update with all the industry news and job opportunities.

TeenShare also provide online and offline career coaching and mentor sharing event for high school, university, and youth association.

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