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Hong Kong Winner 2022/23

GutHealth Limited


Humans are colonised by trillions of microorganisms. Some co-exist without harming humans; while others have a mutualistic relationship with their human hosts. Interestingly, there are several hundred species of microbes per person residing mainly in the human gastrointestinal tract and are in a symbiotic relationship, providing protection to the gut and regulating the immunological, metabolic and neuronal functions throughout the human body.

A variety of disorders including IBD, IBS, cancer, Parkinson’s disease etc. are associated with disruptions to the microbiome. Exploring individual microbiome flora is essential to recognise one’s underlying diseases.

GutHealth Ltd. unravels your microbial makeup using the advanced Blackbox molecular techniques and recognises underlying disorders.

Furthermore, GutHealth Ltd. also provides recommendations for a personalised nutritional diet tailored to one’s gut’s needs.

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