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Thailand Winner 2022/23

Deverhood HT. Co.,Ltd.


Deverhood HT is an EdTech company that redefines the world of education by delivering student-centric innovation. Their systems focus on insights and the flexibility of data to fit everyone's needs as a result from real-users collaboration.

Deverhood HT keeps improving platforms of the future of Education and Medical experiences. They provide in-depth assessment reports for both large groups and individuals. Enabling all users involved in the system to be able to use the evaluation results to develop or extend the relevant parts, both qualitatively and quantitatively. As well as improving the quality of education in every dimension to shift the standard of education from local to international level.

To date, their various innovations have been adopted in more than 80 national institutions with over 125,000 users in Thailand, Southeast Asia, Hongkong and the United States.

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