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Hong Kong Winner 2020/21

Areix Analytics Limited


Founded in 2019, we are a Hong Kong-based startup within the fintech industry that applies patented mechanisms, machine learning and AI in developing smarter and more accessible wealth management solutions.

Our first smart financial solution developed is AREIX, a ground-breaking, AI-powered financial robo-assistant that proactively helps people to adjust their spending habits, make wiser investing decisions and ultimately save more money. We also gamify our users' AREIX experience by rewarding them for their wealth management efforts in the form of fiat and tokens. This app experience when combined with our simple, technologically boosted and time-tested savings-and-investment approach, results in the AREIX Way- a straightforward yet sustainable and powerful way of managing and growing money.

Since our app launch, we’ve helped people build a wealthier and more fulfilling life through the AREIX Way, equipping them with the wherewithal to spend smarter and save more while fulfilling their life goals.

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