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IPHatch® Asia

IPHatchathon® Asia
With QBO Innovation, Philippines

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Virtual Workshop

Zoom Meeting

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* Shortlisted applicant will be notify via email.

About this event

Time zone: GMT+8

Thursday, 09 May 2024  |  13:00 - 16:00

Virtual Workshop, Zoom Meeting

Are you a tech entrepreneur wondering how to build a more robust and sustainable business strategy to attract funding and investment from an early stage? We have just the right workshop for you!

Join our FREE virtual IPHatchathon®, a 3-hour 1-on-1 mentoring workshop where our seasoned mentors will validate your business model and offer actionable advice on how you could integrate readily available patents / technologies we have to offer.

In this 3-hour 1-on-1 mentoring workshop

You will have your business model listened to and validated by our multidisciplinary mentor(s), all have a wealth of experience in advising and working with early-stage tech startups. Expect to take away essential market insights, and how you could take advantage of the patent portfolios originated from NEC, Nokia, Panasonic and Ricoh to complement your business interests and requirements.

Featured Mentor

Jason Loh

Jason Loh
Founder, Piece Future

Who should attend?

Tech startup that are keen to delve into technology and patents to bolster your product development, leveraging it for fundraising narratives, or seeking new business ventures.

Why attend?

  • Immerse yourself into engaging workshops led by multidisciplinary industry experts

  • Have your business ideas validated by seasoned multidisciplinary professionals

  • Interactive networking sessions

  • Exciting challenges to test your skills and creativity

  • Opportunities to connect with like-minded professionals and potential collaborators

What to expect at this Workshop

  1. ou will be assigned to respective breakout rooms.

  2. A unique Business Model Canvas (BMC) link will be provided.

  3. Mentors will take turns to conduct the 1-on-1 mentoring session with all participants.

  4. At the end of the workshop, all participants must submit the BMC online.

* Shortlisted applicant will be notify via email.


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