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Casio collaborates with Piece Future

to incubate next generations tech startups

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Casio Computer Co., Ltd. enters strategic collaboration with Piece Future Pte. Ltd. Future to empower emerging tech startups with invaluable R&D through IPHatch® programme

In addition to its growing list of global conglomerate supporters, Piece Future Pte. Ltd. Future is thrilled to onboard Casio Computer Co., Ltd. as another strategic partner of IPHatch®, a challenge-based open innovation initiative running in 9 different countries that empowers emerging tech startups with readily available patents originated from tech giants.

Founded by the four Kashio brothers, Casio was established in 1957 with the invention of the world’s first compact all-electric calculator. Ever since, innovation has been the mainstay of Casio’s business and it has led to a raft of notable inventions such as their signature G-SHOCK timepieces that have been an integral part of their generation of customers’ lives.

As a highly salient consumer electronics brand, Casio's corporate creed - "creativity and contribution" - expresses their unwavering commitment to contributing to society by offering the kind of original, useful products that only Casio can.

We are pleased to have the opportunity to enable promising startups with Casio's patent assets so to help them reach their full potential in the days to come.

 Ms. Matsumura, General Manager of Casio Computer Co., Ltd.

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