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Portfolio 05

Smart Object Extractor

Patent No. :  US9483704   |   US9619899

Descriptions:  US9483704

  • Object detection in image processing

  • Able to identify objects, (labels of) shelf fronts, empty spaces under shelves, areas with unidentified objects and vacant areas in the image

  • Generate image segments (for example, superpixels) based on groups of pixels in the image of the plurality of organised objects, labels of image segments with information and observations from image analysis on the image of plurality of organised objects


  • Identifying and distinguishing between products in an image that vary in size but have a similar product packaging

  • Determining a size of each identified product in the image based on a relationship between the pixel dimensions of a region of interest for each identified product and the physical dimensions of the identified product

Potential Areas of Applications :

  • Retails

  • Storage (e.g., Office Pantry | Home Shelves)

  • Electronic Appliances (e.g., Refrigerator)

  • Smart Logistic Warehouses

Proposed Schemes :

Assignment Basis 8% - 12% equity taken

* Schemes are subjected to business model and are open for discussion.

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