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Portfolio 03

Smart Position Tracker

Patent No. :  US8725309 (Panasonic)   |   US8089407 (Nokia)

Descriptions:  US8725309

  • Provides a safety driving support apparatus capable of detecting a dangerous moving object with high accuracy at quick timing

  • Able to detect traffic obstacles and change in speed

  • Includes utilising transmitters and sensors such as millimeter-wave radar, a laser radar, optical beacons and dedicated short range communication


  • Estimation for position tracking including indoor permises

  • A map generator configured to create, without requiring a propagation model, a mean map for the region

  • Measurement matching engine associated with the map generator and configured to match received measurements regarding the object to several nearest neighbouring grid points in the mean map

Potential Areas of Applications :

  • Construction Sites

  • Industrial Usages (e.g., Warehouses | Factories)

  • Personal Mobility Devices

  • Motor Vehicles

  • Autonomous Navigations

  • Autonomous Vehicles

Proposed Schemes :

Assignment Basis 8% - 12% equity taken

* Schemes are subjected to business model and are open for discussion.

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