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Ultimate Sensing Audio

Patent No. :  US8693285 (Panasonic)   |   US8930187 (Nokia)

Descriptions:  US8693285

  • Sound generating system, an ultrasound emitting apparatus, and a method of emitting an ultrasound wave

  • Allows a target person present in the predetermined area to hear sound alarm when the object comes close to the predetermined area

  • Able to adjust frequency of the ultrasound signals based on speed of objects


  • Providing automatic speech recognition and sentiment detection on communication devices

  • Evaluate textual data and acoustic data corresponding to voice data associated with captured speech content

  • Analyse textual data and acoustic data to detect whether one or more words are compromised and indicates at least one sentiment of a user that spoke the speech content

Potential Areas of Applications :

  • Internet of Things with Voice Detection

  • Audios

  • Call Centres / Customer Service

  • Traffic Warnings

  • Walking Aids for Blinds

  • Security Alarms

Proposed Schemes :

Assignment Basis 8% - 12% equity taken

* Schemes are subjected to business model and are open for discussion.

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