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Bluetooth Low Energy System

Patent No. :  US10039057  |  US10219106  |  US10772057

Descriptions:  US10039057

  • A system for managing data exchanges between Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) devices 

  • Includes a plurality of BLE devices with at least one BLE device is configured as a parent node and at least one BLE device is configured as a child node

  • BLE able to determine location in payload field for inserting data, and broadcast the BLE packet with aggregated data 


  • Methods and systems for generation of a beacon identifier (ID) for increased security of a system for a location-based service

  • Includes a beacon device, such as a BLE device, a mobile device, and a server

  • Beacon device is configured to generate a beacon ID based on a beacon device identifier, such as a unique device identifier, of a beacon device and a time value


  • Systems and methods providing synchronisation of wireless device data based upon device synchronisation prioritisation determinations

  • Algorithm able to determine a sequence of wireless devices for data synchronisation for facilitating data synchronisation with respect to a plurality of wireless devices in a timely and efficient manner

Potential Areas of Applications :

  • Data Transfer

  • Commercial Usage (e.g., Schools | Offices)

  • Electronic Devices

Proposed Schemes :


* The licensing scheme is subjected to winner's business model and are open for discussion.

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