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Virtual Reality

Patent No. :  US10497179   |   US10616483

Descriptions:  US10497179

  • Apparatus and method for performing real object detection and control using a Virtual Reality Head Mounted Display System

  • More particularly towards real object detection and control detected hand presence and control in free space

  • Gestures or movement, in the free space can be detected in a virtual reality environment


  • Method of generating an electronic 3D walkthrough environment of a targeted environment

  • Capturing a panorama at a first location point in the targeted environment; measuring an initial orientation of the camera whenever a panorama is captured; moving through the targeted environment and at each location point

  • Capturing a live image of surrounding, and measuring an orientation of the camera; determining whether a new panorama is required to be captured at the current location point at where the camera is with the current orientation of the camera

Potential Areas of Applications :

  • Virtual Reality

  • Commercial Usage (e.g., Schools | Offices)

  • Trainings (e.g., Education | Military)

Proposed Schemes :


* The licensing scheme is subjected to winner's business model and are open for discussion.

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