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Optical Imaging for Medical Diagnosis

• HK Exclusive •

Require to set up a Hong Kong company



Title of Patent:

Apparatus and Method of Optical Imaging for Medical Diagnosis​

  • A novel 3-D optical imaging system based on active stereo vision and motion tracking is developed to track the motion of patient and to register the time-sequenced images of cervix recorded during the examination

  • This technology can quantify the acetic acid induced optical signals associated with early cancer development at cervix

  • The imaging system can be easily integrated with a standard commercial colposcope for the diagnosis of early cervical cancer

  • The new technology does not require extensive training to operate and holds the potential to develop a fully automated system for accurate diagnosis of early cervical cancer.


Potential Areas of Applications:
  • Medicine

  • Healthcare


Proposed Schemes:


* Schemes are subject to the business model and are open for discussion.

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